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Notes for Category 7

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Notes from AQIP on

Category 7, Measuring Effectiveness


AQIP has reviewed the Notes presented here to make sure they conform to AQIP and HLC policies, and to ensure they present sensible strategies and useful practices for Systems Portfolios. Every organization preparing a Systems Portfolio is not obligated to follow the advice presented here, but organizations can be confident that heeding this advice will not mislead them. Notes pages are locked, and only AQIP can change them.

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Category 7, Measuring Effectiveness


Systems, Activities, and Processes it might include


Measuring Effectiveness examines your institution's processes and systems related to:


  • Data and knowledge management, organization-wide
  • Collection, storage, management, and use of information and data – at the institutional and departmental/unit levels
  • Institutional measures of effectiveness
  • Information and data alignment with institutional needs and directions
  • Comparative information and data
  • Analysis of information and data
  • Effectiveness of information system and processes


Address your primary data collection mechanisms, as appropriate, your information system(s) – not just your central information system, but those used at varying levels – and your accessibility options (i.e., what is available, and to whom).


These measures might include data on: students; accomplishing other distinctive objectives; faculty, staff, and administrators; other key stakeholder groups; academic and other programs; the performance of institutional operations and processes; and comparative information concerning students, stakeholder groups, programs, and performance in other institutions.



Address determination of needs at both the institutional and department or unit levels.



Analysis of performance information should span measures you determine to be key from across the nine AQIP Categories.



Address, for example, your hardware and software system upgrades, integrity and reliability of information and data, and confidentiality and security of information and data.



Results should address processes associated with information and data collection, analysis, and use. These might include, for example, system accessibility; reliability and confidentiality of information and data; and internal satisfaction ratings of the timeliness, accessibility, and user-friendliness of information and data.



For 7R1 through 7R2, address historical trends and patterns, as appropriate.


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