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Notes for Category 5

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Notes from AQIP on

Category 5, Leading and Communicating


AQIP has reviewed the Notes presented here to make sure they conform to AQIP and HLC policies, and to ensure they present sensible strategies and useful practices for Systems Portfolios. Every organization preparing a Systems Portfolio is not obligated to follow the advice presented here, but organizations can be confident that heeding this advice will not mislead them. Notes pages are locked, and only AQIP can change them.

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 This is about decision-making and the communication of decisions throughout the organization. AQIP doesn't use "governance," but deals with the same topic by asking what processes the organization uses to make decisions (about mission, objectives, resource allocation, personnel, etc.), how it ensures that it makes good decisions, and how it makes sure that everyone understands how and why a decison was made and what it is.

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