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Notes and Support

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Notes and Support




Notes and Support has two parts for each Category and each topic:  a Notes part and a Support part. They are focused on similar topics, but they are very different.


Notes provides official AQIP interpretations and advice about interpreting Category questions, about putting together a Systems Portfolio, about how Systems Appraisal teams behave as they review Systems Portfolios. Notes can be trusted to be accrate and authoritative, and AQIP stands behind what they say. The counsel they offer is conservative, safe, and tested.

Support provides advice, counsel, and suggestions from anyone who wishes to provide their ideas and stratgies. Support pages are unlocked, freely editable (by those who register with pbwiki.com), and represent the contributions of a wide group of educators and reviewers who differ greatly in their understanding of continuous quality improvement, their experience with higher education, and their wisdom in applying  quality principles to assure and advance higher education. Support may contain more innovative, wiser, more cutting-edge advice than Notes does, but it may also contain bad advice. Use the advice provided on Support pages critically, wisely, and with caution.

AQIP regularly reviews items contributed under Support. When it concurs that the advice is sound and worth making "official," AQIP moves those items to Notes. Thus users of this wiki can be confident that explanations and counsel they find in Notes are in full accord with AQIP policies and procedures, while explanations and counsel they find in Support do not, at present, enjoy the same status, but may be extremely useful and insightful.


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