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This 2008 version of the AQIP Categories incorporates several improvements over the previous (1999-2000) version. Beginning November 2009, institutions submitting Systems Portfolios for review should use this new version, but any institution submitting a Systems Portfolio on or after November 2008 may use this version.

The Overview should be under 5000 words (approximately 10 double-spaced printed pages). The complete Systems Portfolio, including the Overview, should be under 50,000 words (approximately 100 double-spaced printed pages).

In square brackets following each item appears the number used for that item in the 1999-2000 edition of the AQIP Categories. This number may appear more than once because complex items were separated. These references should simplify the task of converting an older Portfolio to the revised Category items.

In each Category, address “in depth” at least 1/3 of the total items P, R, and I items, covering in depth at least one P, one R, and one I item. A Systems Portfolio should include references (item numbers, at a minimum) for all Category items. Items not addressed in depth and thus recognized as future opportunities for improvement may be answered briefly and honestly: “We don’t do this at present.” Or “We currently have no comparative performance results from other organizations for processes in this category.”

Items that represented significant strengths in earlier Systems Portfolios can similarly be answered with a short response rather than an “in depth” discussion: “Our processes in this area are robust and well designed, as our last Systems Appraisal recognized.” (An institution could provide a hyperlink in a statement like this, giving readers who want more information about these “robust and well-designed” processes a means of reading the details.)

Visit http://AQIP.pbwiki.com for Notes and Support for Systems Portfolios, an internet-based wiki containing both official AQIP guidance as well as advice and tips from the AQIP community higher educators.

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