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Category 8

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AQIP Category Eight, Planning Continuous Improvement, examines your organization’s planning processes and how your strategies and action plans help you achieve your mission and vision.


Processes (P)


8P1. What are your key planning processes? [8P1]


8P2. How do you select short- and long-term strategies? [8P2]


8P3. How do you develop key action plans to support your organizational strategies? [8P3]


8P4. How do you coordinate and align your planning processes, organizational strategies, and action plans across your organization’s various levels? [8P4]


8P5. How you define objectives, select measures, and set performance targets for your organizational strategies and action plans? [8P5]


8P6. How do you link strategy selection and action plans, taking into account levels of current resources and future needs? [8P6]


8P7. How do you assess and address risk in your planning processes?


8P8. How do you ensure that you will develop and nurture faculty, staff, and administrator capabilities to address changing requirements demanded by your organizational strategies and action plans? [8P7]


Results (R)


8R1.    What measures of the effectiveness of your planning processes and systems do you collect and analyze regularly? [8P8]


8R2.    What are your performance results for accomplishing your organizational strategies and action plans? [8R1]


8R3.    What are your projections or targets for performance of your strategies and action plans over the next 1-3 years? [8R2]


8R4.    How do your results for the performance of your processes for Planning Continuous Improvement compare with the performance results of other higher education organizations and, if appropriate, of organizations outside of higher education? [8R3]


8R5.    What is the evidence that your system for Planning Continuous Improvement is effective? How do you measure and evaluate your planning processes and activities? [8R4]


Improvement (I)


8I1.    What recent improvements have you made in this category? How systematic and comprehensive are your processes and performance results for Planning Continuous Improvement?


8I2.    How do your culture and infrastructure help you to select specific processes to improve and to set targets for improved performance results in Planning Continuous Improvement?

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