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Category 7

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AQIP Category Seven, Measuring Effectiveness, examines how your organization collects, analyzes, distributes, and uses data, information, and knowledge to manage itself and to drive performance improvement.


Processes (P)


7P1. How do you select, manage, and distribute data and performance information to support your instructional and non-instructional programs and services? [7P1]


7P2. How do you select, manage, and distribute data and performance information to support your planning and improvement efforts? [7P1]


7P3. How do you determine the needs of your departments and units related to the collection, storage, and accessibility of data and performance information? [7P2]


7P4. How, at the organizational level, do you analyze data and information regarding overall performance? How are these analyses shared throughout the organization? [7P4]


7P5. How do you determine the needs and priorities for comparative data and information? What are your criteria and methods for selecting sources of comparative data and information within and outside the higher education community? [7P3]


7P6. How do you ensure department and unit analysis of data and information aligns with your organizational goals for instructional and non-instructional programs and services? How is this analysis shared? [7P5]


7P7. How do you ensure the timeliness, accuracy, reliability, and security of your in-formation system(s) and related processes? [7P6]


Results (R)


7R1.    What measures of the performance and effectiveness of your system for information and knowledge management do you collect and analyze regularly? [7P7]


7R2.    What is the evidence that your system for Measuring Effectiveness meets your organization’s needs in accomplishing its mission and goals? [7R1]


7R3.    How do your results for the performance of your processes for Measuring Effectiveness compare with the results of other higher education organizations and, if appro-priate, of organizations outside of higher education? [7R2]


Improvement (I)


7I1.    What recent improvements have you made in this category? How systematic and comprehensive are your processes and performance results for Measuring Effectiveness?


7I2.    How do your culture and infrastructure help you to select specific processes to improve and to set targets for improved performance results in Measuring Effectiveness?


Comments (1)

Anonymous said

at 10:29 am on Feb 1, 2008

This category is very redundant. It seems to me that the items addressing managing information and determining needs should be addressed in Categories 6 and 3, that asssessing overall performance and aligning goals are addressed in Category 8, and that analysis of information and data happens in every category. I am in favor of eliminating Category 7.

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