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Category 5

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AQIP Category Five, LEADING AND COMMUNICATING addresses how your leadership and communication processes, structures, and networks guide your organization in setting directions, making decisions, seeking future opportunities, and communicating decisions and actions to your internal and external stakeholders.


Processes (P)


5P1. How are your organization's mission and values defined and reviewed? When and by whom?


5P2. How do your leaders set directions in alignment with your mission, vision, values, and commitment to high performance? [5P1]


5P3. How do these directions take into account the needs and expectations of current and potential students and key stakeholder groups? [5P1]


5P4. How do your leaders guide your organization in seeking future opportunities while enhancing a strong focus on students and learning? [5P2]


5P5. How do you make decisions in your organization? How do you use teams, task forces, groups, or committees to recommend or make decisions, and to carry them out? [5P3]


5P6. How do you use data, information, and your own performance results in your decision-making processes? [5P4]


5P7. How does communication occur between and among the levels and units of your organization? [5P5]


5P8. How do your leaders communicate a shared mission, vision, and values that deepen and reinforce the characteristics of high performance organizations? [5P6]


5P9. How are leadership abilities encouraged, developed and strengthened among your faculty, staff, and administrators? How do you communicate and share leadership knowledge, skills, and best practices throughout your organization? [5P7]


5P10. How do your leaders and board members ensure that your organization maintains and preserves its mission, vision, values, and commitment to high performance during leadership succession? How do you develop and implement your leadership succession plans? [5P8]


Results (R)


5R1.    What performance measures of Leading and Communicating do you collect and analyze regularly? [5P9]


5R2.    What are your results for leading and communicating processes and systems? [5R1]


5R3.    How do your results for the performance of your processes for Leading and Communicating compare with the performance results of other higher education organizations and, if appropriate, of organizations outside of higher education? [5R2]


Improvement (I)


5I1.    What recent improvements have you made in this category? How systematic and comprehensive are your processes and performance results for Leading and Communicating?


5I2.    How do your culture and infrastructure help you to select specific processes to im-prove and to set targets for improved performance results in Leading and Communicating?


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