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Category 4

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AQIP Category Four, VALUING PEOPLE, explores your organization’s commit-ment to the development of your faculty, staff, and administrators.


Processes (P)


4P1. How do you identify the specific credentials, skills, and values required for fac-ulty, staff, and administrators? [4P1]


4P2. How do your hiring processes make certain that the people you employ possess the credentials, skills, and values you require? [4P1]


4P3. How do you recruit, hire, and retain employees? [4P2]


4P4. How do you orient all employees to your organization’s history, mission, and values? [4P2]


4P5. How do you plan for changes in personnel? [4P2]


4P6. How do you design your work processes and activities so they contribute both to organizational productivity and employee satisfaction?


4P7. How do you ensure the ethical practices of all of your employees? [4P3]


4P8. How do you determine training needs? How do you align employee training with short- and long-range organizational plans, and how does it strengthen your instructional and non-instructional programs and services? [4P5]


4P9. How do you train and develop all faculty, staff, and administrators to contribute fully and effectively throughout their careers with your organization? How do you re-inforce this training? [4P4]


4P10. How do you design and use your personnel evaluation system? How do you align this system with your objectives for both instructional and non-instructional programs and services? [4P6]


4P11. How do you design your employee recognition, reward, compensation, and benefit systems to align with your objectives for both instructional and non-instructional programs and services? [4P7]


4P12. How do you determine key issues related to the motivation of your faculty, staff, and administrators? How do you analyze these issues and select courses of action? [4P8]


4P13. How do you provide for and evaluate employee satisfaction, health and safety, and well-being? [4P9]


Results (R)


4R1.    What measures of valuing people do you collect and analyze regularly? [4P1]


4R2.    What are your performance results in valuing people? [4R1]


4R3.    What evidence indicates the productivity and effectiveness of your faculty, staff, and administrators in helping your achieve your goals? [4R3]


4R4.    How do your results for the performance of your processes for Valuing People compare with the performance results of other higher education organizations and, if appropriate, of organizations outside of higher education? [4R4]


Improvement (I)


4I1.    What recent improvements have you made in this category? How systematic and comprehensive are your processes and performance results for Valuing People?


4I2.    How do your culture and infrastructure help you to select specific processes to im-prove and to set targets for improved performance results in Valuing People?



Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 2:12 pm on Jan 4, 2008

We may need to place more emphasis on orientation of new employees so that they truly understand the organization they are a part of & the expectations that the organization has for them. We may want to stress "building a culture of the organization" that includes specifics, such as: community involvement, service over & above regular hours, giving back to the organization to create a "culture of philanthropy," in addition to the trust & integrity that is expected of the individual employee. Is there a "team culture" that is emphasized? These are areas that can add to the quality of the institution as well as regular communication - somehow, there needs to be a "pride" of belonging to the institution that we stress in a quality assessment approach.

Anonymous said

at 2:16 pm on Jan 4, 2008

Some, if not all of the above is covered in Category 5 and perhaps that is enough.

Anonymous said

at 11:10 am on Jan 28, 2008

There is overlap/confusion between some questions about valuing people (category 4) and building internal collaborative relationships (category 9). The latter would seem to fit better exclusively in category 4.

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